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Gravity Power Solution, a leading provider in India, specializes in Online UPS rental services, catering to a wide range of industries and events. Our commitment to reliability and excellence ensures uninterrupted power supply solutions across various sectors. Whether for corporate events, industrial needs, or emergency power backup, our diverse fleet of UPS systems, including advanced and energy-efficient models, is tailored to meet specific client requirements. With extensive experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, Gravity Power Solution is your trusted partner for all UPS rental needs.”

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“Choose Gravity Power Solution for unparalleled UPS rental services across India. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our wide range of high-quality, reliable UPS systems suitable for diverse needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer tailored solutions for every sector, from events to industrial requirements. Our experienced team ensures seamless service, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Trust us for cost-effective, flexible rental options and comprehensive support, making us the go-to choice for uninterrupted power solutions.”

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Powering Your Success, One Battery at a Time!

Discover reliable power solutions with our UPS battery rental service, designed to ensure your operations run smoothly. Our tagline, ‘Powering Your Success, One Battery at a Time,’ reflects our commitment to providing dependable and efficient power backup. We cater to diverse needs, from small-scale events to large industrial projects. Our range of high-quality batteries guarantees uninterrupted power, enhancing productivity and peace of mind. Choose us for a sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective approach to power management.

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“Our Services offer comprehensive UPS and battery rental solutions for a variety of needs. We specialize in Industrial UPS, Commercial IT UPS, and UPS for Events, ensuring reliable power supply for businesses and special occasions. Additionally, our Battery System on Rent service caters to diverse power backup requirements. We also provide robust UPS Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), maintaining and servicing a wide range of UPS brands to ensure optimal performance and longevity.”

Emergency! Industrial! Commercial! Events! Corporate Meetings! Data center! Product Launches! Battery backup! Temporary UPS solutions!

Looking for dependable power solutions to safeguard your critical operations? You’ve come to the right place. At Gravity Power Solution, we specialize in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) rentals, providing a wide range of high-quality UPS systems to meet the diverse needs of businesses, industries, and events across India.


Gravity Power Solution, a leading UPS Battery Rental services  provider in India specializes in UPS rental services 

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“Explore top-notch UPS Rental Services with Gravity Power Solution. We provide reliable and efficient UPS systems for all business needs, ensuring uninterrupted power for your critical operations. Choose us for a seamless power solution experience.”

Pan-India UPS Battery Rental Services by Gravity Power Solution

Gravity Power Solution is proud to offer our UPS Rental Service across the breadth of India, ensuring businesses and events in every major city have access to reliable and efficient power backup solutions. From the bustling streets of Mumbai and the historic lanes of Delhi to the tech hubs of Bangalore and the cultural heart of Kolkata, our services extend far and wide. We also cover the vibrant cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur, ensuring no matter where you are located, you’re never too far from the premier UPS AMC services that Gravity Power Solution provides.

Our commitment to accessibility and excellence means that whether you’re safeguarding critical data in Gurugram‘s corporate towers or ensuring smooth operations in the ports of Kochi, our comprehensive UPS solutions are just a call away. Trust Gravity Power Solution to power your needs across India, delivering unmatched reliability and support wherever you are.


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We offer a comprehensive range of UPS systems for rental, including both online and offline UPS models. Our lineup includes UPS solutions tailored to various sectors, encompassing industrial, commercial, and event-specific applications. Whether you require uninterrupted power for critical industrial processes, reliable IT infrastructure support, or power backup for events, we have the right UPS systems to meet your specific needs.”

Renting a UPS provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for temporary power needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations without the high upfront cost of purchasing.

The generator provides long-term power during outages, while a UPS offers immediate, short-term power backup to protect against power surges and brief outages.

Gravity Power Solution, we understand the importance of maintaining the reliability and performance of your UPS systems. That’s why we offer maintenance contracts as an optional service. The good news is, it’s free of cost. While our UPS rental services come with a standard level of support, our maintenance contracts provide an added layer of assurance. These contracts are designed to keep your UPS systems in optimal condition, ensuring that they operate at peak efficiency and reliability throughout the rental period. While optional, many of our clients find that these contracts offer peace of mind and contribute to uninterrupted power supply during critical operations.”

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Powering Your Success, One Battery at a Time!


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